When jokes kill…

September 28, 2007

(The following is a little something I posted on ottawacomedy.com in the “Reviews” forum. It’s just a quick and dirty account of the ProAm night at Absolute Comedy on September 26. I bashed this out on my office computer at lunch time between salmon sandwiches. I have made no edits or alterations, as there’s only so many hours in a day. -JD)




This is more of a news report than a review, but here it goes anyway…

I was at Absolute Comedy last night for the Pro Am show, with Slim Bloodworth headlining and Derek Lengwenus as the MC.

Overall it was a great evening that was interrupted when a woman in the middle of the crowd collapsed during Dave Delima’s set. (I’m pretty sure I’ve misspelled his name or even gotten it totally wrong. My apologies…I’m going according to my beer-addled memory of the event.)

Because I was sitting near the bar and completely away from the action, I didn’t see what happened to the woman when she fell — from my vantage point I just saw Dave step back from the mic and fold his arms while a crowd suddenly rose to their feet in the middle of the room. A voice from within the throng yelled “Somebody call 911!”

Perhaps the most harrowing thing at first, for those of us seated away from the action, was not knowing what was happening…was it a fainting spell? heart attack? seizure? stroke? Was this person dying?

While all this was going on, Slim took stock of the situation and went up to the microphone to reassure the audience that everything was under control, and that the show would resume as soon as possible.

Eventually the paramedics arrived and were able to get the woman to her feet and out to an ambulance. About half an hour or 45 minutes later, Derek announced that the woman was safely home and in stable/good condition.

When Dave took to the stage again to resume his act, he opened with a killer line: “So much for laughter being the best medicine.”

Slim also referenced the incident at the beginning of her set, noting how this was a good end to a week that saw her suffer a cardiac arrest and incontinence. She said something to the effect of “My week just got up and shat on that woman.”

Kudos to the management of Absolute Comedy for distributing free passes after the show to make up for the interruption…completely unnecessary but very classy. I also commend the management and staff for their swift and professional handling of the incident.

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