Ann Coulter, enemy of democracy

(The following is a letter I submitted to the editor of the New York Observer after reading an interview George Gurley did with neo-con pundit Ann Coulter in that paper’s current edition, Coulter Culture: Ann Blames Clinton, Carter for 9/11 and Dreams of Denying Women the Vote. As of this writing I have yet to hear back as to whether it will be accepted for publication. -JD)


To the Editor:

Ann Coulter’s self-professed “personal fantasy” is an America in which women don’t have the right to vote, in turn making it a one-party theocracy. That doesn’t sound like a daughter of the American revolution to me. In fact, despite her anti-Islam stance, I bet she’d be quite happy living as a woman under Taliban rule. Perhaps it’s not too late for her to go to Afghanistan and defect to the enemy side.

James Deagle
Ottawa, Ontario

©2007 by James Deagle. All rights reserved.


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