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October 12, 2007

I’m cold, damp and tired after an extended walk on a misty October evening. Beyond that, I have nothing profound to say today except that the New York Observer published my Letter to the Editor in this week’s edition. That means my words will wrap an order of fish somewhere in Brooklyn.

The letter, as it appeared upon publication, can be viewed online at:

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Ann Coulter, enemy of democracy

October 4, 2007

(The following is a letter I submitted to the editor of the New York Observer after reading an interview George Gurley did with neo-con pundit Ann Coulter in that paper’s current edition, Coulter Culture: Ann Blames Clinton, Carter for 9/11 and Dreams of Denying Women the Vote. As of this writing I have yet to hear back as to whether it will be accepted for publication. -JD)


To the Editor:

Ann Coulter’s self-professed “personal fantasy” is an America in which women don’t have the right to vote, in turn making it a one-party theocracy. That doesn’t sound like a daughter of the American revolution to me. In fact, despite her anti-Islam stance, I bet she’d be quite happy living as a woman under Taliban rule. Perhaps it’s not too late for her to go to Afghanistan and defect to the enemy side.

James Deagle
Ottawa, Ontario

©2007 by James Deagle. All rights reserved.